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FAST Rings 6.5 Inch 3 Piece Speaker Enhancement Kit

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JL Audio 12W7AE-3 12 Inch Anniversary Edition Subwoofer

FAST Rings 6x9

FAST Rings 6x9 Inch 3 Piece Speaker Enhancement Kit

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  • Improve Audio Projection
  • Reduce and Dampen Rear Audio Waves

FAST Rings 6.5"

"The Original" 3 Piece Speaker Enhancement Kit

FAST Rings solve the problem of acoustically coupling aftermarket speakers to factory speaker openings. It’s a laser cut foam product with industrial-grade, peel away adhesive backing.

The rings separate into three pieces. The first FAST Ring is a dedicated gasket for speaker mounting to the baffle plate surface. The second ring mounts around the outer edge of the speaker, just past the surround. The third circular foam pad goes behind the speaker to absorb unwanted reflections on hard surfaces, such as inside a car door.

By using the 3-ring approach the kit improves the projection of the audio into the car cabin and reduces unwanted rear reflections that can degrade the sound.


  • Increase Mid Bass
  • Reduce Panel Vibration
  • Reduce destructive wave interference
  • Help prevent front and rear wave cancelation
  • Focus all your sound into the cabin


For Accoustically Sealing Transducer Rings - Patent # 8,739,921 B1

6.5” F.A.S.T. ring kit
*Does not come with speakers shown in images.
Includes a pair of 3pc Speaker kits for installing two speakers.

Install Diagram

  1. Separate the three pieces of Foam (101, 102, 103)
  2. Clean the back panel of the door, remove the backing paper from 103 and adhere directly behind the speaker to the outermost panel in the door. This will help absorb the rear wave and reduce panel vibration. (This step is optional as it is possible to absorb moisture)
  3. With a razor blade cut circumferentially 102 down to approximately 1/4”. Remove backing paper and adhere to mounting surface of speaker. This will decouple the speaker from its substrate and prevent front and rear wave cancellation.
  4. Using standard installation procedures wire and mount speaker.
  5. Clean around the outside edge of the speaker, remove the backing paper from 101 and adhere 101 directly around the speaker. Test fit panel for fitment. If needed trim 101 circumferentially until proper fitment is achieved. It should press tightly to the door panel. This will focus all the sound into the cabin, prevent panel vibration and destructive wave interference giving you noticeably improved speaker performance and less panel resonance.

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