Driver Safety & Security

 Car Toys is the destination for Driver safety; with the products, and installation know how to upgrade any ride.

Driver Safety & Security

Driver Safety & Security

 Car Toys is the destination for Driver safety; with the products, and installation know how to upgrade any ride.

From Portable Jump starter to heated seat covers Car Toys has accesssories for the interior of your car that would add comfort and ease to your commute or for pleasure.
LED lights shine brighter, last longer and are more energy efficient than standard incandescent bulbs. We offer a wide variety of LED Lights and Fixtures to fit your every need. Whether it’s for your car, truck, 4x4, ORV, boat, or even your golf cart, we have the fixture that will light up your night. From Interior and exterior we have the product that ensures that you are never left in the dark.
Car Toys carries a wide range of car alarm systems and remote starts from industry leading brands. The state-of-the-art systems from these brands give you the peace of mind in knowing your car is being protected and you won't suffer through the heat or cold as your car gets going. Remote starters enable you to warm or cool your car with just the press of a button. Most car alarm and remote start systems also enable you to enjoy keyless entry.
GPS Tracking devices are handy for tracking vehicle location, tagging and reporting buisness milage and more.
Car Toys carries the newest and best radar detectors from industry leading brands. Radar detectors can be installed in a vehicle and helps motorists determine whether or not their speed is being monitored with a radar gun.
Drive safer with a LCD Rearview Mirror, Dash or Backup Cameras by getting camera footage of your front view to identify risky driving behavior on the road or a clear view of what is behind you before you start moving your vehicle.
Car Toys carries hands-free options such as car chargers, camera mounts and bluetooth transmitters by Pioneer, Nonda and Nite that anyone would find helpful in the time of need.
Audible or visual warning blind spot sensors or front and rear view parking sensors can ensure peace of mind by allowing the driver to make necessary adjustment to avoid a collision on the road or in a parking lot.
Effective in 2017, Select States will enact a law that limits the use of cell phones to send, read or reply to text messages while driving except for emergencies or if you are using these features through a hands-free device.


Compustar CS925-S All-in-One Remote Start Bundle with 1500 foot range

Special Price $189.96 was $209.99


Momento M6 MD-6200 Wi-Fi HD Dual Dash Camera

Special Price $229.96 was $299.99

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Learn about the latest technology from industry experts know their way around automobiles, boat cabins, motorcycle fairings, and more.

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Vehicle Safety Upgrades

Many of us see the ads for new cars with the latest safety features, such as blind spot warnings, collision avoidance and guided backup cameras; but did you know you can get that same technology on your car without the new car price? Car Toys is your one stop location for driver safety needs, with the largest selection from the top brands under one roof. Car Toys has over 30 years and 9M installs of experience, our team of installation experts can update your car with all the latest driver safety technology.


Lane Departure Warning

Lane departure warning systems (LDWS) are designed to prevent collisions caused by accidental lane changes. LDWS typically use optical recognition to detect lane markings. When a vehicle equipped with LDWS drifts onto one of these lane markings, the driver will receive an audible alert prompting them to correct the vehicle back into the proper lane.


Forward Collision Warning

Forward collision warning systems (FCWS) are designed to prevent or mitigate the damage caused by rear-end collisions. Many FCWS use optical recognition to detect when a vehicle gets too close to the car ahead. The driver will then receive an audible or visual warning allowing them to make the necessary adjustment to avoid a collision.


Backup Camera

Backup cameras or rear-view camera systems are a safety device designed to assist with parking a vehicle and can help with preventing dangerous back over accidents. Backup cameras are typically mounted on the back of a vehicle on or near the license plate and provide real-time video to an in dash screen or rear-view mirror display.


Backup Sensor

Backup sensors assist a driver in parking their vehicle and can help prevent collisions while entering or exiting a parking space. Backup sensors provide an audible alert in increasing intensity the closer the car gets to another object. Backup sensors are typically flush mounted on the rear bumper but can also be installed on the front of a vehicle as well.


Blind Spot

Blind spot sensors are designed to assist in preventing collisions while changing lanes. Blind spot sensors are typically radar based systems that mount on the left and right rear bumper and provide an audible or visual warning when another vehicle in an adjacent lane is in a location not easily seen by rearview or side mirrors.

Ready For Personal Attention?

Our product experts will help you find the right components for your vehicle, and make sure your car audio system gets a professional installation. Our goal is to help you enhance your car, as well as your peace of mind.

Driver Safety & Security