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Our certified installers* are true automotive enthusiasts. Their work is their passion and for jobs big or small, simple or complex, there's no better way to go. For high-quality, professional installations that are guaranteed for life, choose Car Toys.

Our certified installation technicians are dedicated to providing exceptional service and expertise.


We care about your vehicle as much as you do. We utilize premium parts to ensure premium performance.


We use protective coverings and perform thorough cleanings after each service.


Your favorite stations will be preset and the clock will display the correct time.



In-Car Audio, Nav and Remote Start

Flawless integration with factory system
Whether you're looking to have the latest car stereo, integrate your iPhone or smartphone into your factory system, or want remote start in your car, our experts will always be your best choice for the perfect installation.

iPod, custominstalls, HD Connectivity

Connecting the latest gear in your car…your way.

Expert Boat Installation

Custom installation for maximum performance on the water.

Custom Installs

image of custom install
Got an idea for your car that's totally out of the box? We'd love to hear it—then take that idea and put together a custom solution for the system of your dreams.
Installation Rates  
Installation Rates
Standard Rates
Minimum Shop Fee
Standard Shop Hourly Rate
$30 /hour
$90 /hour
CD Receivers Installation [full size or half size]
Standard Includes: remove & reinstall dash panel, connect wiring harness, antenna adapter, install mounting kit and running custominstalls microphone near visor if needed [installation parts sold separately] Half size receivers $99 & up $50 w/o custominstalls
$70 w custominstalls
DVD Receivers Installation [full size or half size]
Standard Includes: remove & reinstall dash panel, connect wiring harness, antenna adapter, install mounting kit and running custominstalls microphone near visor if needed [installation parts sold separately] $100 w/o custominstalls $125 w custominstalls
DVD Navigation Installation[full size or half size]
Standard Includes: remove & reinstall dash panel, install GPS antenna, connect wiring harness, antenna adapter, install mounting kit and running custominstalls microphone near visor [installation parts sold separately] $125 w custominstalls
Speaker Installation
Standard installation includes: Removal and reinstallation of panels to access factory speaker locations, install speakers behind existing grilles to maintain factory appearance including any minor modifications needed to install speakers, wiring and mounting crossovers (if applicable) behind factory panel. $70 Full Range
$150 Components
Amplifier Installation
Standard installation includes: mounting the amplifier in an agreed upon location in the rear, trunk or under a seat, making all connection to the radio and speakers, installation of 10ga or 8ga amplifier installation kit, fused connection at the battery and proper ground connection. $110 Mono /2-Channel
$130 4-Channel
$150 5-Channel
Overhead Rear Seat Monitors Installation
Standard Includes: mounting overhead to a flat head liner, connect wiring harness to power source. Some vehicles may not have a flat headliner and additional labor charges will be required.[Add optional wired FM modulator $125 parts and labor sold separately] $165 Under 10”
$225 Over 10”
Dual Universal Type Headrest Rear Seat Monitors Installation
Standard Includes: remove & reinstall headrests, connect wiring harness to power & video source. [Add optional wired FM modulator $125 parts and labor sold separately] $165
Factory Premium Sound Systems
Some factory equipped premium sound systems such as: Bose, Infinity, JBL and others will require additional parts and labor charges due to the fact vehicle may need an interface module and additional installation time in order for the system to perform properly.
Shop Parts Charge
There is a 10% parts charge assessed to all labor charges to cover basic shop materials such as wire ties, tape, sealant, flex loom, etc. Additional charges, beyond the Parts Charge, may be necessary to cover specific installation-based parts needed for your installation. Items such as speaker wire, power wire, and battery terminals are examples of items NOT covered by the Parts Charge.
Personal Security & Convenience Upgrades
Factory Integration Components
Door Lock/Unlock Integration Modules Allows integration with factory doorlock systems $69.99*
Remote Start Immobilizer By-Pass Designed to integrate with factory ignition interlock systems $69.99*
Combo Modules Integrate factory ignition interlock systems & door lock systems $69.99*
Optional Convenience Features
Remote Trunk Open
Open your trunk from a distance for easier loading and unloading $44.99*
Add after market solenoid $149.99*
Heated Seat Activation
Preheat your seats before you enter your vehicle $54.99*
Optional Personal Security Features
Dome Light Illuminated Entry
Light up car interior before entering for total security $44.99*
Progressive Door Unlock
Unlock only drivers door for added personal security $44.99*
Timed Headlight Activation
Light up a dark parking area before entering and after exiting your vehicle $54.99*
Optional Theft Security Features
Factory Alarm Integration
Allows seamless integration between factory and aftermarket systems includes one remote $50.00*
Glass Breakage Sensor
Alarm will sound when windows are shattered $74.99*
Back-Up Battery or Siren
Siren continues to sound even if power wires are cut $64.99*
Add a back-up battery $84.99*
Digital Tilt Sensor
Protects you wheel investment from theft $104.99*
Proximity Sensor
Perimeter area protection—a must have for convertible top vehicles $104.99*
All Prices Include Installation
*Some cars require additional parts to be purchased separately.
Custom Installs  

At Car Toys, our installers are the best in the business and are ready to turn your dream car system into a reality. Below are some examples of the great custom installations that are coming out of our shops.

1955 Chevy Bel-Air

This car was beautiful! The customer's father had a '55 Bel Air during his childhood. When he retired from 30+ years of military service, his wife and children bought him one as a restoration project. He and his son built the car over the course of 3 years, and did most of the work themselves. They put in a 300hp V8 engine...1955 Chevy Bel-Air Custom Install


1956 Mercedes 190SL

This Mercedes belongs to a regular customer of mine who happens to like ALL Mercedes, including their Maybach brand. He owns two of the Maybachs. Every time I'm given one of his vehicles to work on, he demands that the install is as unobtrusive as possible and keeping with the factory look. In this 56 190SL there was no way he was going to want the dash cut, but still wanted a modern stereo...1956 Mercedes 190SL Custom Install


1971 Chevy Chevelle SS

Customer came in wanting both of his vehicles to be worked on. His sons' H3 had a couple of Fosgate P1 and a T100BD amp. Knowing that the P1s could not handle the power, we sold him some JLs in two sealed enclosures. We then took his P1s and convinced hime to do a build out on his trunk (thanks to the recent 69 Mustang pictures). 1971 Chevy Chevelle SS Custom Install


2002 Ford Lightning

2002 Ford Lightning that a had some aftermarket audio equipment already installed. I pulled out what I could, but had to leave the poorly installed tweeters at the top of the doors in there (unfortunately). I made some door pods that held 4 Focal 5 1/4" co-ax speakers. I did a bed cut and made a ported...2002 Ford Lightning Custom Install


2005 Ford 150

Here we have a 2005 Ford F-150. Working our way from the front to rear we start out with a custom spinning Dub Grill with green led lighting. Next is a 250 amp high output alternator & Optima Battery. Rockford Fosgate 6x9's...2005 Ford F-150 Custom Install


MECP Certified Installers

What Is the MECP Certification?

Governed by the Consumer Technology Association, the nationally recognized mobile electronics certified professional program (MECP) is designed to ensure proficiency with the installation of aftermarket electronics into a variety of vehicles. Becoming MECP certified requires an installation tech or product expert demonstrate a high level of expertise through a rigorous testing process to achieve various levels of certification.

  • Basic Certification
  • Advanced Certification
  • Master Certification
  • Mobile Product Specialist Certification

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