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Car Stereos

Often called receivers, and usually designated by the size of the dash opening as Single-DIN or Double-DIN the car stereo itself is the controller and the feature center for your car entertainment environment.  With numerous capabilities and integrations available, it may be worth checking out our Car Stereo Buying Guide to get familiar with the options available and the common terms used.  Or if you're ready to dive in, click the button below to start shopping and comparing!


If better sound quality is your goal for upgrading your car then the speakers are a likely candidate for your shopping list.  These are the part of your car's audio system that actually generate the sounds that you'll hear, and in addition to being manufactured from a variety of materials, there are other factors like power handling and sensitivity to consider.  To get familiar with what options are available, see our Speaker Buying Guide to learn more, or start comparing some items to get a feel for capabilities and price points.


True to its name adding an amplifier to your car's sound system is what can provide a significant power and volume boost. This is what enables your stereo system to truly deliver the full, rich sound that your music is comprised of.  Most of the consideration in choosing which amplifier to add is related to the power rating, but there are other factors like channel configuration and filters.  Learn more by visiting our Amplifier Buying Guide, or jump right in and start shopping to see what's available.


If booming bass is what you want from your sound system then you likely already know that a subwoofer is what you'll need to produce the low-frequency sounds and get the full range of your music.  To get the best effects you'll also be looking for an enclosure, or else buying an "off the shelf" package that combines the subwoofer with a suitable enclosure. 

High Resolution

Often called Hi Res Audio, this is where the modern audiophile truly gets to experience music the way the artist intended. Several elements have to combine to truly deliver this level of performance, including high-resolution source files, high-quality audio products, and getting it right requires high-caliber custom tuning to really match the sound to the vehicle.  While some of these high-end car audio items are available here on our website, this experience is best delivered in-store where our experts can demonstrate the difference, and ultimately provide the service needed to do this kind of sound justice.

Connected Car

Most of us carry a small computer in our pockets or purses already, and if you're highly invested in your smart phone's software ecosystem you might be looking to bring that experience to your car's in-dash console.  If so then connecting your car and your phone frequently means selecting a compatible, certified stereo; if you're a household with divided loyalties there's no worry, though, because there are plenty of receivers to choose from that can connect to both device types. Learn more about the connected car experiences available, or get started shopping by selecting a platform.

Car Video

You have to keep your eyes on the road as the driver, but your passengers don't have that same obligation, and sometimes what you really need to keep the peace in the car is being able to take some movies or shows with you on the road.  This is where car video products most often find their sweet spot, whether that's headrest video screens or a mounted, flip-down console.

Custom Systems

Looking for more than the typical components?  Have a dream system that you're not even sure where to start with?  Car Toys has the expert installers who will share your excitement, and help you bring it from concept to complete. 

Professional Service Trusted by Millions

Our certified installers treat every car as if it were their own, and have been trusted by over 9 million customers over more than 30 years.  Protective coverings during installation, premium parts, and attention to detail are part of our standard processes.

Ready for Personal Attention?

Our product experts will help you find the right components for your vehicle, and make sure your car audio system gets a professional installation.  Our goal is to help you enhance your car, as well as your peace of mind.