Accele BSS200 Blind Spot Sensor Kit w/LED & Audible Warning

Audiovox ACABSDLP License Plate Blind Spot Detection System

Advent ACABSDLP License Plate Blind Spot Detection System

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  • OEM Style Blind Spot Detection
  • Complete Kit with LED and Audible Warning

Accele BSS200

Blind Spot Sensor Kit w/LED & Audible Warning

When changing lanes blindspots create an incredible hazard and are a leading cause of accidents. In an effort to reduce these accidents automotive manufacturers have turned to their suppliers to create a radar based system that detect vehicles or other objects that are out of the drivers periphery and indicates those obstructions with an LED indicator and audible warning in the event you make a lane change. This system was once only available when you purchased a new car, now you can add this safety feature to any vehicle from your family car to commercial vehicles and RV's.
The system provides two LED indicators that visually indicate there is a vehicle next to you by illuminating. If you begin to turn (Turn signal trigger) the system will also indicate via it's speaker that there is a vehicle in your blind spot and warn you to prevent a collision.

  • System includes two sensors that are designed to mount on the left and right side of the rear bumper, these sensors look identical to back up sensors but are designed for side detection
  • Includes two elegant LED indicators that can be mounted on the left and right of your dash or instrument cluster to visually indicate vehicles or other obstructions
  • System can be configured to run all time or only when turn signal is used
  • Paintable sensors
  • Sensors have locking waterproof connectors for easy connections and years of reliable use
  • Speaker for audible alarm when turn signal is activated
  • Simple five wire installation
  • Includes hole saw for perfect bumper drilling
  • 14 foot sensor to control box extension cable
  • 8 foot LED indicator extension harness
  • 3 foot LED cable length
  • 3 foot speaker cable length
  • Includes 3M adhesive for LED's and control box
  • Electrical connections:
  • Left turn signal
  • Right turn signal
  • Reverse light
  • 12 volt power connection
  • 12 volt ground connections

Note: These sensor systems are not compatible with metal bumpers, they were designed for plastic bumpers only.

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Product Name Accele BSS200 Blind Spot Sensor Kit w/LED & Audible Warning
Manufacturer Accele
UPC 736836544417
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Manufacture's Warranty
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