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Raven 12 XL 12" 800 Watt (RMS) Subwoofer

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Raven C10XL

Raven 10XL 10 Inch 800 Watt Subwoofer

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  • Small Sealed Enclosure 1 cu ft
  • Woven Carbon mat- paper woofer cone
  • 800W RMS 1600W Max Made in the USA

Raven 12 XL 12" 800 Watt (RMS) Subwoofer

The Raven 12XL subwoofer is designed to produce very deep bass at realistic levels in a remarkably compact cabinet with extremely low distortion, minimum compression and fast transient response. We recommend typically 1 cuft sealed enclosure ( F3 = 42 Hz), or 3 cuft vented enclosure (F3 = 22 Hz). The Qts and rugged suspension make it also quite ideal for use in a transmission line.

Magnetic Motor

It allows a +/-18 mm linear Xmax for extremely low distortion and high power handling.
The lightweight compact neodymium motor is a patented XBL design with two magnetic gaps and three Faraday rings to minimize inductance, flux modulation and intermodulation distortion.
The BL and inductance curves have a flat top to minimize 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion and to optimize the impulse response. The audible result is explosive, uncompressed, dynamic.

Emissive Area

Cone and dust cap are made of a woven carbon mat laminated to a high modulus paper so they are extremely rigid and highly damped, thus a very smooth frequency response up to 1500 Hz!


A 25 mm wide rubber surround is used for long life even under high excursions.


The voice coil is directly cooled through radial holes on the motor so that cool air flow does not get restricted by box stuffing. Additional air vents through the cone itself help further to equalize pressure in front and back of the cone.


A stiff cast aluminum basket is used for best sound quality and good cooling.

Amplifier to Use

It takes 800 W @ 1% THD into 4 Ω to reach Xmax, so we recommend a power amplifier of high quality of minimum 800 W and maximum 1600 W to get the most out of this exceptional drive unit.


Thiele-Small parameters after 12 hour break in.
Fs = 27.8 Hz
Vas = 50 l
Cms = 0.43 mm/N
Mms = 221 g
Qts = 0.65
Qms = 6.84
Qes = 0.718
Sd = 495 cm^2
SPLo = 83.6 dB 1 watt into 4 ohms, 1 meter
Sensitivity = 87.1 dB @ 2.83 volts, 1 meter
BL = 14.27 T/m
Le = 0.5 mH
Re = 3.68 Ω
Nominal Impedance = 4 Ω single voice coil
Recommend amplifier size = 800 W @ 1% THD into 4 ohms

Optimum Sealed Box Tune
2.0 cubic foot or 56.63 l with Black Hole Stuff
-3dB = 33 Hz
Fc = 37 Hz
Qtc = 0.9
Xmax +/- 18mm at 20 Hz = 414 watts into 4 ohms

Smallest Sealed Box Tune
1.0 cubic foot or 28.3 l with Black Hole Stuff
-3dB = 38 Hz
Fc = 44 Hz
Qtc = 1.1
Xmax +/- 18mm at 30 Hz = 715 watts into 4 ohms

Optimum Vented Box Tune
4.0 cubic foot or 113.3 l lined with Black Hole Five
-3dB = 22 Hz
Port tune frequency = 20 Hz
*TWO port tubes, each 4 inch diameter x 32 inch long, 101mm diameter x 813mm long
*MUST use a 18 Hz subsonic filter
Xmax +/- 18mm at 30 Hz = 440 watts into 4 ohms

Transmission Line with Linear Taper
-3dB = 28 Hz
Max amplifier size = 400 watts into 4 Ω
**MUST use a 20 Hz 12dB subsonic filter.
Speaker end area = 1090 cm^2
Exit area = 123 cm^2
Pipe length = 4.3 m
Polyester Fiber Stuffing Density = 4 grams / liter, 4 oz / ft^3


More Information
Product Name Raven 12 XL 12" 800 Watt (RMS) Subwoofer
Manufacturer Raven
UPC 879545001137
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Manufacture's Warranty
Manufacture's Warranty 2 2 Year Manufacture's Warranty When Installed by Car Toys
Manufacturer Sku RavenC12XL
Speaker Size 12" Subwoofer
Woofer Composition woven carbon mat laminated to a high modulus paper
Woofer Surround Rubber
Sensitivity 87dB
RMS Power Handling (watts) 601-800
Impedance (Ohms) 4 Ohm
Shallow Mount No
Voice Coils Single