JL Audio MBT-RX Marine UTV Bluetooth Receiver


Dual MGH30BT Marine Digital Media Receiver with 3" LCD and Bluetooth

JL Audio MBT-CRX Bluetooth Audio Controller / Receiver

JL Audio MBT-CRX Bluetooth Audio Controller / Receiver

JL Audio MBT-RX Marine UTV Bluetooth Receiver

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  • A2DP Music Streaming Receiver
  • 2 Volt Preamp Output

JL Audio MBT-RX 91126

Marine UTV Bluetooth Receiver

Designed for marine and powersports applications, the MBT-RX streams your favorite tunes from a Bluetooth® equipped (A2DP) device directly to your audio system.

With an IPX6 water resistance rating, this premium wireless audio receiver is engineered to be right at home on the seas or in the back trails, plus its super tiny design can fit into just about any installation location. Use the stereo pair of RCA outputs to connect to any amplifier or source unit with line-level/auxiliary inputs.

Equipped with Bluetooth® v4.0 and the aptX® codec, the MBT-RX sends top-quality audio and performance from compatible devices to deliver dynamic, CD-like sound without any cables. With a wireless connection range of up to 35 ft. (11 m), you can conveniently control the connected audio without having to return to your source unit to make adjustments.

Thanks to the MBT-RX Bluetooth® Audio Receiver, taking your playlist with you has never been easier or sounded better.

* The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by JL Audio is under license.


  • Bluetooth® Profile      A2DP (High-Quality, Stereo Audio)
  • Bluetooth® Core Specification      Version 4.0 with aptX®
  • Frequency Response      20 Hz - 18 kHz (±1dB)
  • Outputs      One Stereo Pair, Low-Level RCA Plugs
  • Output Voltage      2V RMS
  • Signal to Noise Ratio      93 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
  • Input Operating Voltage      8 - 28 VDC
  • Current Draw      20 mA (at idle) / 32 mA (at full output)
  • Fuse Rating      2A Mini ATC
  • Connection Range*      Up to 35 ft / 11 m

*Maximum range is achieved in line-of-sight installations. While the receiver can be mounted in a hidden location, actual range will vary based on installation specifics.


Bluetooth® Wireless Technology


Secure and convenient wireless connectivity across a wide range of electronic device platforms.

Detailed Information:
Inspired by the Danish King, Harald Bluetooth, who unified Denmark and Norway in the 10th century, Bluetooth® wireless technology is used throughout the world today, enabling billions of electronic devices to connect wirelessly. With its uniform specification structure, low power consumption and ease of use, a wide range of Bluetooth® equipped devices are securely connected to each other (a process known as "pairing"), affording them seamless communication and data transfer.

Bluetooth® is the global standard for wirelessly connecting electronic devices.

* The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by JL Audio is under license.

aptX® Audio Coding Technology

apt X

Bluetooth® streaming audio can now get closer than ever before to CD-quality sound, when using an aptX® enabled streaming device.

Detailed Information:
Originally developed in the 1980's at Queen's University Belfast, the aptX® coding algorithm has been the secret weapon of the professional audio and film industries because of its ability to deliver CD-like quality audio over low-power Bluetooth® wireless connections.

When sound waves are transmitted over Bluetooth® as digital audio, they are first compressed to reduce their size using a coding method called "SBC", which stands for Low Complexity Sub Band Coding. the compression process takes a series of snapshots of the audio at specific moments in time known as "samples" and, with enough samples, a Bluetooth® receiver can convert them back into a full sound wave.

Since Bluetooth® is limited by a maximum available bandwidth and because SBC was designed to use as little processing power as possible, some of the data is discarded using a process called "psychoacoustic modeling". Psychoacoustic modeling removes portions of data that theoretically cannot be heard to reduce file size. The result is less than accurate audio reproduction.

To overcome the low-power constraints of SBC and the bandwidth limits of Bluetooth® audio, the patented aptX® coding algorithm applies a different approach at bit rate reduction. By using a method of "time domain ADPCM" to encode the audio, aptX® uses fewer bits per sample, so the files are smaller and arrive transparently and intact. The result is full bandwidth audio reproduction that requires less energy and size for transmitting.

* The aptX® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by CSR, and any use of such marks by JL Audio is under license.

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