1956 Mercedes 190SL

Installer: Ron San Pedro, Car Toys-Frisco, Texas

This Mercedes belongs to a regular customer of mine who happens to like ALL Mercedes, including their Maybach brand. He owns two of the Maybachs. Every time I'm given one of his vehicles to work on, he demands that the install is as unobtrusive as possible and keeping with the factory look. In the this 56 190SL there was no way he was going to want the dash cut, but still wanted a modern stereo with aux/iPod connectivity and enough volume to hear his music when the top is down, which is the only way this car should be driven. The major part of the install was cleanly installing a deck into the factory glove box (which is all metal) while having it look good when the glove box is open.

The other part of the story is what you can't see in any of the other pictures. There's a pair of Infinity Reference 6 1/2" coax speakers mounted in custom baffles under the dash along with a JL Audio XD400/4 amplifier mounted under the dash beneath the factory radio to power those along with another pair of Infinity Reference 6 1/2" that were cut into the back wall (previously done prior to the vehicle being brought to me). In the end, the customer was more than happy with the sound as well as how nicely the radio in the glove box looked with the matching vinyl. The one panorama shot shows you how little you see, and sometimes that's harder to do than show your work.