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Focal PS 165 F3E 3-WAY Component Speaker Kit

Kenwood DPX794BH CD Receiver with Bluetooth and HD Radio

Kenwood DPX794BH CD Receiver with Bluetooth and HD Radio

Focal PS 165 FE 2-Way Component Speaker Kit

Focal PS 165 FE 2-Way Component Speaker Kit

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  • High power handling
  • Deep, sustained bass
  • Natural, precise sound

Focal PS 165 F3E 3-WAY Component Speaker Kit

The speaker drivers from the PS 165 F3E kit combine the best of Flax technology with the latest Focal innovations to deliver one of the most natural sounds. The TMD surround (Tuned Mass Damper) is incorporated in the woofers and midranges to stabilise the surround and achieve better control, neutrality and linearity: the bass is even denser, the performance in the top midrange is improved and harmonic distortion reduced. Combined, these speaker drivers create a precise, powerful sound without colouration.

The ‘M’-profile inverted dome TAM tweeters included in the kit offer a wider diffusion angle and greater sound definition, without directionality. Thanks to their tilted mounting, they are easy to install in the vehicle. An audiophile crossover completes the kit, offering several adjustment levels for the tweeters and midranges. Finally, with its engraved aluminium basket and meticulous finishes, PS 165 F3E combines style, discretion and modernity for a premium system.

Key Points

Unique, patented Flax cone
Butyl surround with exclusive 'TMD’ profile
Al/Mg ‘M’-profile inverted dome TAM tweeter
Made in France in the Focal workshops
Very compact midrange
Wider diffusion angle
Easy installation


The Flax Cone, Expressive And Natural

This flax cone has been exclusively made in France by Focal since 2013. With its original design, it is 100% geared towards acoustic performance. This sandwich cone is formed of a flax fibre core placed between two thin sheets of glass fibre. Flax is a fibre with the unique ability to reproduce a very natural sound without colouration, with a rich reproduction in the midrange and clear bass strokes. Its lightness offers great dynamics, while its rigidity sustains the bass and provides good damping to deliver a faithful listening experience. Flax fibre is twice as light as glass fibre as it is hollow. Its very low elasticity makes it ideal for increasing the flexural rigidity module of a sandwich structure.

The Tam Tweeter

Made in France in the Focal workshops, the TAM tweeter stands out for its many qualities, particularly in terms of wide-angle diffusion, beneficial for in-car environments characterised by “off-axis” listening. Comprising a cone that is an aluminium/magnesium ‘M’-profile inverted dome, this tweeter unites an impressive array of cutting-edge Focal technologies to reproduce a faultless harmonic balance and highly-detailed treble.

The TMD Surround

A patented Focal technology, the TMD surround makes an appearance on all speaker drivers in the Flax Evo line, playing a key role in the reproduction and purity of the midranges as well as in the elimination of acoustic distortion, particularly when listening at high volumes.

6.5" Woofer


Nominal power: 80W
Maximum power: 160W
Sensitivity: 90.5dB
Nom. impedance: 4Ω
Cone: Flax
Surround: TMD - Rubber
DC resistance: 3.2Ω
VC diameter: 32mm 1 1/4"
Former: Kapton
Layers: 2
Wire: Copper
Net weight: 1,150g 2.54lbs
Frequency response: 60-28kHz
Crossover: 18dB/Oct @600-4,000 Hz

Frequency Response/Impedance


Rdc: 3.2Ω
Fs: 60Hz
Mms: 14.5g
Cms: 0.44mm/N
Vas: 12l
Qts: 0.8
Qes: 0.9
Qms: 9
Bxl: 4.5N/A
Sd: 127cm2
SPL: 90.5db
Xmax: 5



Nominal power: 20W
Maximum power: 150W
Sensitivity: 92dB
Nom. impedance: 4Ω
Cone: Al - Mg
Surround: TMD - Rubber
DC resistance: 3.4Ω
VC diameter: 23mm 15/16"
Former: Kapton
Layers: 2
Wire: Alu
Net weight: 60g 0.13lb

Frequency Response/Impedance


Rdc: 3.4Ω
Fs: 1,200Hz


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More Information
Product Name Focal PS 165 F3E 3-WAY Component Speaker Kit
Manufacturer Focal
Manufacturer Sku PS165F3E
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 Year Manufacture's Warranty When Installed by Car Toys
Manufacture's Warranty 2 1 Year Manufacturer's Parts Warranty
UPC 3544056750726
Speaker Size 6 1/2"
Design 3 Way Component
Tweeter Composition Al - Mg
Woofer Composition Flax
Woofer Surround TMD - Rubber
Sensitivity 90dB
Frequency Response 60 Hz - 28 kHz
RMS Power Handling (watts) 76-100
Peak Power Handling (watts) 151-175
Impedance (Ohms) 4 Ohm
Crossover External
Cutout Diameter (in) 5 5/8"
Top-mount Depth (Inches) 3 21/32"
Water Resistant No