Freedom Charge Qi

Freedom Charge Qi

brandMotion Qi Landing
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Brandmotion Wireless Freedom Charge


What Is FreedomCharge?

The FreedomCharge Qi wireless phone charging system by Brandmotion is a seamlessly designed center console solution for your car or truck. Experience a new level of convenience at the wheel, by simply setting your phone on the Qi wireless charging mat, and keeping your smartphone topped off wherever your day takes you.


Many of us see the ads for new cars with the latest safety features, such as blind spot warnings, collision avoidance and guided backup cameras; but did you know you can get that same technology on your car without the new car price? Car Toys is your one stop location for driver safety needs, with the largest selection from the top brands under one roof. Car Toys has over 30 years and 9M installs of experience, our team of installation experts can update your car with all the latest driver safety technology.


rDrive adapter and phone



Don’t have a phone with Qi capabilities? No worries! Brandmotion has cases and coils that will give your phone wireless charging capabilities


More about FreedomCharge

Brandmotion, specialized in the design and integration of emerging automotive safety technology with the goal being zero deaths a year due to traffic accidents. The only way to reach this goal is to help automotive suppliers leverage and extend their technology into existing vehicles, and at the same time provide consumers with greater freedom of choice in choosing the features and content for their vehicles.



Hi-Res Audio formats

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Safety is key. Avoid fumbling with a phone’s charging cable and orienting it to plug it in. Just set the phone down and let it charge.

NO Cables, NO Clutter

At home, in your car, or at the office, wireless charging removes one tiny hassle from your day. Simply set the phone on the charging pad to top off your battery. No more searching for your device’s charger!

Great For Battery Intensive Apps

GPS and Bluetooth applications are taxing on a battery. FreedomCharge can keep them consistently charged.