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Tracking / Location Services

  • Vehicle Location1
  • Multi-Vehicle In-App Tracking
  • Trip History including miles driven and mapped route
  • Business Mileage Tagging
  • Business Mileage Reporting
  • Selectable Map Detail including type and points of interest (POI) display

LoJack® Services

  • Tripwire™ Early Warning/Theft Notification2
  • 24/7 LoJack Command Center live agent support
  • Collision-triggered automatic live agent call attempt
  • Emergency services dispatch request3 and location assistance

Driver Monitoring

  • Virtual Boundaries, Arrival and Departure Notifications4
  • CrashBoxx™ Instant Crash Notifications and collision details including location and approximate crash severity5
  • Configurable Speed Alert notifications

Car Health

  • Car Health Alerts
  1. Location services must be turned on in the rDrive app.
  2. Do not approach the v"ehicle in response to a theft notification unless you are certain the situation is safe
  3. Response time of emergency services may vary.
  4. Up to ten Virtual Boundaries may be set at one time.
  5. The vehicle’s ignition must be on to detect an incident.


The Pioneer rDrive powered by LoJack elevates the experience of vehicle ownership and driving by making connectivity, entertainment and location-based services simple and easy to add to the majority of passenger vehicles in use today. Combining a cloud-based services platform, an intuitive and informative smartphone application and a vehicle-installed 4G LTE wireless network connected device, rDrive provides a means to turn your car into a connected car.



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Visit your local authorized rDrive dealer for device installation. Pioneer recommends a “hard installation” of the unit by an authorized rDrive dealer using a Y-cable..

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At the time of installation, your authorized rDrive dealer will help set up your rDrive account and complete the rDrive activation process.

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When the vehicle’s engine is started, rDrive will automatically associate the device to your rDrive account. It may take up to 3 minutes for the vehicle association to complete.

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A Pioneer rDrive Welcome Email will be sent to the email address that you have provided for rDrive registration, including a temporary password. Download the official Pioneer rDrive app from the App Store or Google Play and log in with the temporary password provided. After logging in, you will be prompted to create a new password.

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Once the device is successfully paired to your rDrive account, you should see your vehicle’s location on the rDrive map. Depending on the location of your vehicle, you may need to drive your vehicle around in order to get a satellite fix to pinpoint your vehicle’s position.

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Enjoy your connected car experience with Pioneer rDrive!


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