The Car Toys Difference


A Difference You Can See

For more than 25 years, you've trusted Car Toys for the best car audio products and wireless phones the industry has to offer, along with professionals who can install it all — perfectly. Now, you can make your car look as good as it sounds with Car Toy's superior auto detailing offerings. We use only the best equipment and expertly trained car detailing professionals to produce a clean, spotless car inside and out.


What is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing is a systematic process of meticulously cleaning, rejuvenating, and protecting the various interior and exterior surfaces of a vehicle. Auto detailing can include services such as car washing, car waxing, car wash & wax, interior carpet cleaning, interior fabric cleaning, exterior surface cleaning, car polishing and much more!


What makes us better than the rest:

CDe-ionized water

Doesn't leave water spots when washing and rinsing car.


Car Wash Shampoo

A high-quality cleaner not found at the average car wash (which typically uses a harsh dish washing or laundry detergent solution) featuring a specially-balanced solution that's paint-friendly.


CDual-head random-orbital polisher

Doesn't burn paint, leave swirl marks, and uses products more efficiently — making less waste.


CVery Cherry premium Carnauba wax

Specially formulated with a mild cleaner and a long-lasting wax. Protects and maintains the exterior of your car, and leaves it with a smooth, high-gloss finish.


CColor-coded synthetic towels

Higher quality (than animal-hide chamois) and does a better job drying from top to bottom. The cows like it better too.


CHigh-quality wash mitts

Less chance of scratching your paint, and they never touch the floor.


CExterior and interior cleaners

One cleaner does NOT fit all. We use the right cleaner for the right area - more than a dozen specialty cleaners, dressings and polishes in all.


CLeather cleaners

With correct pH level so it won't damage interior leather


CFabric cleaner

You won't find this at your auto parts store; our fabric cleaners are designed specifically for higher-quality auto detailers like Car Toys.


COzone machine deodorizer

Neutralizes and eliminates odors caused by smoke, mold, mildew, and pets, and also kills airborne bacteria.


CWindshield and headlight restoration

Prevents further cracking, maintains factory seal (on windshield), and makes your car safer to drive.