AudioControl DQ-61 OEM Processor

AudioControl DQ-61 OEM Processor

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JBL GT-BASSPRO12 450-watt 12" Powered Subwoofer System

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AudioControl DQ-61 OEM Processor

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  • 6 Channels of Active Speaker Input
  • Internal Channel Summing
  • User Friendly Signal Delay Setup
  • Equalization for Each Output Channel

AudioControl DQ-61

AudioControl DQ-61 OEM Processor Delivers Amazing Sound Through Signal Summing, Equalization and Signal Delay!

The environment of today’s automobiles present challenges for the installation of a performance car audio system when matched to a factory source unit. Less than ideal speaker locations coupled with an acoustically unfriendly environment can compromise the experience.  Fortunately for audio enthusiasts, the new AudioControl DQ-61 delivers the processing power necessary to maximize the audio experience.

AudioControl engineers designed the DQ-61 to be an extraordinary processor, so subsequently it is equipped with a number of installer friendly features that simplify the OEM connection and calibration process.

User friendly Signal Delay controls allow the listeners the ability to align themselves between the left and right speakers plus seamlessly blend in the subwoofer to the listening environment. Discrete equalization controls provide listeners with powerful processing to properly “tune” their audio systems and enjoy truly amazing sound.

Designed for maximum sound quality and enhanced audio performance, the DQ-61 is the latest AudioControl processor to incorporate AccuBASS®. This patent pending process automatically corrects for the bass roll-off that is common with many factory-installed audio systems. "If you are considering any sort of OEM interface for your car, you owe it to yourself to get to your local AudioControl dealers and check this piece out."  

Simple passive line output converters generally deliver poor sound quality and diminishing bass response. The active circuitry used in the DQ-61 provides dramatically better sound quality and does not compromise the bass response. No longer will audio enthusiasts have to compromise when performing basic amplifier additions to factory installed audio systems.

The AudioControl DQ-61 lets music enthusiasts truly “take control” of their sound and receive an amazing experience.


  • User friendly Signal Delay enhances the acoustical alignment between the left and right channels plus the front and subwoofer channels  
  • Individual equalization controls for the front, rear and subwoofer channels for simple yet precise system tuning  
  • Six channels of active speaker level inputs – accepts up to 400 watts per channel  
  • AccuBASS®- AudioControl’s patented pending processing to correct the bass roll-off in factory source units  
  • ACR-3 Dash Control Remote allows for control of the subwoofer level plus processing bypass which makes it ideal for demonstrations   
  • Internal Channel Summing – Easy interface with factory installed amplifiers with built-in crossovers  
  • GTO™ (Great Turn-On) Circuit - Powers up the DQ-61 when it detects signal on the main speaker level input
  • Discrete Input and output level controls
More Information
Product Name AudioControl DQ-61 OEM Processor
Manufacturer AudioControl
UPC 855814005945
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer Repair if installed by Car Toys
Manufacture's Warranty 2 N/A
Manufacturer Sku DQ-61