Kicker KXA400.4 400 watt 4 Channel Amplifier

Kicker KXA400.4 400 watt 4 Channel Amplifier

Kicker KXA800.1 800 watt Mono Amplifier

Kicker KXA800.1 800 watt Mono Amplifier

Kicker KXA1200.1 1200 watt Mono Amplifier

Kicker KXA1200.1 1200 watt Mono Amplifier

Kicker KXA400.4 400 watt 4 Channel Amplifier

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  • Class D Power Plant
  • Gain Control With "Optimal Input" Indicator.
  • FIT2 (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) Circuitry
  • DSP-Controlled Preamp

Kicker KXA400.4

400 watt 4 Channel Amplifier

This KX 400-watt four channel amplifier is built to easily power your door speakers or be a full system solution. FIT2 (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) ensures your amp works with nearly any stock or aftermarket radio.

Next Level Knob
A revolutionary wireless remote that goes way beyond a simple bass knob. Control as many as four amplifiers simultaneously, including mono KX amps and the bass channel of the KXA800.5. Monitor and control vital functions of the amp including clipping, gain, phase, bass boost and more.

Test Tones
In any audio system, the goal is to reach maximum input and output levels without distortion or clipping. Sometimes, without expensive or complicated equipment like an oscilloscope, this can be a daunting task for a would-be-audiophile install.

Thankfully, the engineers at KICKER have taken the guesswork, and hassle, out of matching the output voltage of your source unit to the amplifier. To begin, you’ll need to download the KICKER test tones

Power Plant
You want high efficiency, monster wattage and small amp size. One ohm stability* and Class D construction means KICKER® amps fit nearly anywhere, with up to 2,500 watts of bone-shaking power.
*Mono models and subwoofer output of KXA800.5.

Enjoy an enormous 18dB of variable bass boost with KickEQ+™. A simple turn of the knob gives you the extra bump you’ve been looking for.

Use Any Radio
KX Amplifiers come loaded with FIT2 (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) advanced circuitry for superior clarity and dependability that works with nearly every radio on the planet.

Illuminating Knob
Get the absolute most out of your amp with a specially designed gain control that lights up when the perfect input signal is detected from your radio.

Tuned In
No matter where you mount your KX amp, this easily accessible 24dB crossover lets you quickly tune your system to perfection. To get the most out of your bass, a variable 24dB subsonic filter is also included with mono and five-channel KX amplifiers.

SHOCwave Reveals The Bass
The SHOCwave Bass Restoration processor reveals the depth and power hidden in your digital recordings. This advanced processor is built into all mono and five-channel KX amplifiers, and easily controlled with the wireless KXARC remote (included).


  • Class D Power Plant
  • Gain Control With "Optimal Input" Indicator.
  • FIT2 (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) Circuitry
  • Variable 24dB Crossover
  • DSP-Controlled Preamp
  • KickEQ+ 18dB Variable Bass Boost
  • Easy Access to Settings Behind Hinged Panel
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Chassis
  • Top-Mounted Red LED Light Pipe

Want setup help? Go to KICKER U for a free woofer & amplifier configuration app!

This KX amplifier delivers as much as 100 watts per channel (4 channels driven), or 200 watts into two sets of bridged channels. See below for more details.


RMS Power [Watts]

  • @ 14.4V, 4Ω stereo, ≤ 1% THD+N: 50 x 4
  • @ 14.4V, 2Ω stereo, ≤ 1% THD+N: 100 x 4
  • @ 14.4V, 4Ω bridged mono, ≤ 1% THD+N: 200 x 2

Length [in, cm]

  • 11-3⁄16 , 28.4

Height [in, cm]

  • 2-⅛, 5.5

Width [in, cm]

  • 8-5⁄16 , 21

Frequency Response [Hz]

  • 10Hz–20kHz

Input Sensitivity:

  • 250mV–10V

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

  • 95dB

Selectable Electronic Crossover

  • Amp 1: OFF/HP/LP; Variable 10–5,000Hz with X10 switch
  • Amp 2: OFF/HP/LP/BP; Variable HP, 10–500Hz;
  • Variable LP, 40–5,000Hz with 10X switch
  • Slope: 24dB/octave

KickEQ Bass Boost

  • 0-18dB @ 40Hz

CEA Power

  • 50 x 4 @ 4 ohms, 14.4VDC, 1% THD, CEA-2006B (Watts)

CEA Signal-to-Noise Ratio

  • -75dB CEA-2006B (ref: 1W, A-weighted)
More Information
Product Name Kicker KXA400.4 400 watt 4 Channel Amplifier
SKU 44KXA4004
Manufacturer Kicker
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Year Manufacture's Warranty
Manufacture's Warranty 2 N/A
UPC 713034079224
Manufacturer Sku 44KXA4004
Amplifier Channels 4 Channel
RMS Power Output (Watts x Channels) 50 x 4
Power at 2 Ohms (Watts x Channels) 100 x 4
Bridged Power (Watts x Channels) 200 x 2
Minimum Impedance Unbridged 2 Ohm
Minimum Impedance Bridged 4 Ohm
Signal to Noise Ratio @ Rated Power 95dB
Amplifier Class Class D
Low-Pass Crossover Frequency 40-5000Hz
High-Pass Crossover Frequency 10-500Hz
Bass/Gain Remote No
California residents see Prop 65 Warnings