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Why You Absolutely Need a Dash Cam Recorder

Written By: Bryan Rees
Posted: 8/05/2016


Don’t think you need a dash cam? I have one word for you.... aliens. I am not saying aliens exist or have visited us, but a recent UFO sighting received over 3 million views on YouTube. Imagine you are driving down the road alone one evening and next thing you know the mothership or just an object you can't explain pops out of nowhere. The only thing that separates you from being the owner of a viral video or just another crazy person with an alien story is a brand new dash cam!

Ok, I'll admit, the whole alien scenario may not happen. However, there is another reason to buy a dash cam and that is Pokémon Go. We have all seen it: roving bands of zombies staring at their phones while walking through driveways, intersections and sometimes the middle of the street. It is like The Walking Dead out there!

Picture this: you’re driving down the road minding your own business and some overzealous Poké-hunter jumps out of nowhere because there is an 800 CP Pikachu on the hood of your car! Protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits by getting yourself a dash cam.

In all seriousness, traffic accidents can be extremely costly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010 alone the total economic cost of motor vehicle crashes in the United States was $242 billion. With a dash cam you will not need to rely on eyewitness testimony as your only evidence in the event you end up in a traffic collision.


What to look for in a dash cam?


Many Dash Cams have some handy extra features, and a particularly cool one is built in GPS. Whether you are going on a road trip, drive for a ride sharing service or just want a good GPS unit that also offers collision avoidance, the Garmin NuviCam is a great option.


Resolution/Viewing Angle

Dash cams record at different resolutions. The Compustar Dash CD-3200 records 720p at 30 frames per second with a 120 degree wide angle on each of two cameras.  This offers an excellent amount of protection. You can place one camera in front of your vehicle and one in back or inside. Whether you drive for Uber/Lyft, or want to have maximum coverage just in case, this feature can be a huge benefit to anyone.


Theft Deterrent

The Compustar CD3200 also has a feature called Parking Mode. This feature has the ability to record events while the vehicle is in park. The camera itself can detect shock/impact or movement and record these specific events.


Collision Avoidance

Another feature to consider is collision avoidance. The Audiovox LDWS100 has a forward collision warning system that gives you an audible tone when there is a vehicle ahead. This unit and others also have a lane departure warning system that gives you an audible warning when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane.


Discreet Installation

Finally, a seldom thought of feature but one worth considering is how discreet you want your camera to be.  The Pac MRD-UN01 factory replacement comes with a front facing camera and even has an extra video input for a backup camera. This allows for a very discreet installation if you would like to keep your dash clear and not attract unwanted attention.

Whether you drive for Uber, are searching for aliens, protecting yourself from Pokémon hunters or just want to make sure you are protected a dashboard camera recorder is a great option for anyone. So check out the great deals we have on dash cams at Car Toys!



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Bryan Rees is an MECP certified product specialist and Car Toys expert who has worked in the car audio industry for over 8 years. He is a blogger, podcaster, and proud owner of the worlds smallest beanie baby collection.



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Looking for more awesome car upgrades? Check out these 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Car Stereo and our handy Car Stereo Shopping Guide.