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Quinn Acoustics

Breaking the sound barrier

Quinn Acoustics breaks that sound barrier with an innovative line of elegant, yet powerful speakers and subwoofers. It’s a blend of scientific engineering and the art of sound unlike any in the world.



Quinn Speakers

Quality, innovation and value come together in Quinn full range speakers; built with an ear toward accurate, elegant and powerful playback of today’s music.

Quinn Subwoofers

Dive in. Quinn Car Audio Subwoofers are likely to pull you in anyway with an ultra-satisfying listening experience you never thought possible.

Quinn Accessories

Quinn speakers don't come with grilles but they are available if you like to do your own custom speaker installations or want that extra bit of protection.



Quality, Innovation and Value

Quality, Innovation and Value

Engineers at the largest speaker manufacturer in the world combine state-of-the-art computerized design and testing with time-tested hands-on engineering. The result is high-quality speakers and subs boasting of perfect sound and accurate performance but at a breakthrough price.


7 Quality Control Checks

Multiple quality control checks guide the design and manufacturing process every step of the way to ensure perfect performance and years of reliable use.

  1. Computerized Design Testing - A first check of acoustic engineering in a virtual environment
  2. Preliminary “hand-build” Sound Check -Engineering verification of laboratory work
  3. Preliminary Engineering Samples - First testing of actual materials utilizing fit and finish of final product
  4. Final Voicing - Fine tuning the product for perfect sound
  5. Pre-production Testing - First of two pre-production checks ensure that nothing has changed
  6. Production Testing - Final check as Quinn product goes into production
  7. Quality Control in the U. S - Product checked in stores prior to sale