Free Shipping on all orders over $25!


*Excludes labor, detailing services, wireless phones & sales tax. Head units may not be discounted, but qualify as first item. Pay current retail price for first item, take 20% OFF a second qualifying item (stackable - items currently on sale do qualify for the additional 20% off). See a Car Toys Customer Service Expert for details.


** $50 instant shopping spree with any activation on a monthly device payment plan. Good on any item in the store, excluding phone & sales tax. Car Toys Store info on processing the 20% off discount..


1) The invoice must contain the sku TAKE20OFF from the CT STOCK location.

2) Enter source of promo as serial number (e.g. email, flyer, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)

3) Use PRMOx as discount approval code

4) Enter “FAM” in the Invoice Sort Code.


Offer expires 6/27/16.