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The low price paid for the wireless phone was made possible by Car Toys' commitment to competitive pricing. The price also reflects a handset discount based on an agreement between Car Toys, Inc. and your wireless service carrier. As a sales agent, Car Toys, Inc. receives a commission based on the activation and continuation of service for the period specified. Because of this commission, we are able to give the discount on the handset. Our Wireless Activation Agreement provides that if any of the actions described below occur, Car Toys forfeits the commission from the wireless carrier. Hence, we ask that customer abide by the following responsibilities.

  • If I discontinue service with the wireless carrier within six (6) months (180 days) and the wireless carrier reverses Car Toys' commission for my activation, I agree to pay Car Toys, Inc. $300.00 because of the handset discount I received (as described above).
  • If I change to a non-commission rate plan for my wireless service I agree to pay Car Toys, Inc. $300.00.
  • If my wireless service is cancelled or suspended by the wireless service for any valid reason as determined by the wireless carrier, I agree to pay Car Toys, Inc. $300.00.
  • If I lose my wireless phone or if my wireless phone is stolen, and I decide to cancel my service within six (6) months (180 days) from the date of activation, I agree to pay Car Toys, Inc. $300.00.

Wireless Phone Returns or Exchanges:
All AT&T wireless phone purchases must be returned or exchanged with the box, manual and accessories within 14 days of purchase. All T-Mobile phones must be returned within 14 days, and include all equipment, box, manual and accessories. For exchanges, T-Mobile has a 30 day exchange period from the date of purchase for any defective units or handsets. All Verizon Wireless phone purchases must be returned/exchanged with the original box, unaltered UPC, manual and accessories within 14 days of purchase.

In event of collection action to enforce this Agreement, whether suit is field or not, I promise to pay, in addition to the amount due to Car Toys, inc. under this Agreement, costs provided by statute, and reasonable collection and/or attorney fees incurred by Car Toys, Inc. including permissible for debts of this nature in the State of original purchase. Any indebtedness is due ten (10) days after notification. I authorize Car Toys, Inc. to obtain information relative to my account and wireless service from my wireless carrier.