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Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit 19100

  • License Plate Kit
  • Stop The Vibration

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Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit 19100

Stop Vibrating Sheet Metal and Road Noise!
High vehicle noise levels cause driver fatigue and irritation, and will affect the way music sounds out of speakers. When the vehicle is noisy, music and conversations can sound unclear and distorted. Dynamat Xtreme is the highest efficiency sound damping material available and the most effective product for stopping noise and vibration in your automobile. With Dynamat Xtreme installed, road noise becomes silent energy. The effect this has on your sound system is phenomenal. Your music sounds clearer, your bass is louder and tighter, and your stereo can sound twice as loud. Add a Dynamat brand thermoacoustic liner- such as Dynaliner or DynaPad to fight heat and low frequency hums from engines and exhaust systems – and you’ve got a ride with even more noise-blocking ability, and better sound.

Dynamat Xtreme is a thin, super sticky butyl rubber bonded to an aluminum alloy skin. It is formulated with Vector™ Chemistry, and makes Dynamat Xtreme the most effective sound control material available. Dynamat Xtreme is very simple to cut and install. The butyl rubber and heavy aluminum will stretch and contour better than any other product on the market without tearing. It will conform easily to all interior surfaces, and the sticky butyl rubber will adhere to a surface and stay in place without any special surface prep, and without leaving any odor or dripping material. Install it in your vehicle, and experience the Dynamat Difference.

Dynamat License Plate Kit
Noisy, vibrating license plates are embarrassing! If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on performance and audio gear, you don’t want your license plate rattling noisily to the beat.

The addition of the Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit makes your car sound as solid on the outside as it feels on the inside. It stops license plate rattles and noise. A new Dynamat license plate frame is included in the Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit. Now everyone knows You’ve got a better ride, better sound, and a better vehicle.

For best results when installing, be sure to use a Dynamat Roller, and hear the Dynamat difference.

 SKU: 19100
 Contents: (1) 4″ x 10″ (100mm x 254mm) piece of Dynamat Xtreme (Self-adhesive) (4) Neoprene Foam Strips (Self-adhesive) (1) Decorative License Plate Frame.

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SKU 19100KIT
Name Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit 19100
Manufacturer Dynamat
upc 769103191007
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Manufacture's Warranty
Manufacture's Warranty 2 N/A
Manufacturer Sku 19100(QTY'SOF10)